Songwriting/ Topline

Songwriting/ Topline

from 550.00

Get vocals, lyric and melody written and recorded to a track you provide. 

full song or a half song?:
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The rate includes full vocal production (harmonies, backgrounds, adlibs,  etc), a light vocal mix, the dry vocal wav files, and one session for minor tweaks and revisions.  (with 50/50 equal ownership (master/royalty/ publishing/ etc)

The package comes in two options

1.)  A full song with 2 verses, pre hook,  a bridge (if necessary), and a hook

2.) A half song with 1 verse + 1 hook (pre hook if necessary) with additional vocal elements through out the song ( adlibs, harmonies, effects, chants, etc). Great for duets/ features!


When you're ready to get started on a project, just click "purchase." Once the payment has been processed you will receive an automated email confirming your purchase. I will contact you  (using the email you provide) within 24hours and send over your delivery date and/ or discuss any additional info we may need to move forward.