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This seasons premiere of Star featured “For Sure” a song cowritten by Breana Marin.

Listen to “Ibiza” from the season premiere of Empire. Cowritten with Breana Marin!

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About Me

Breana Marin is the founder of Love Pulse Music a Los Angeles based collective of songwriters and producers the specialize in creating radio ready hooks, beats, and vocal kits.


Latest Releases

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Feat. Jdoe

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Work With Me 


Whether you need help finishing a song or a hook written for your next single. I can help you get it done. Check out my list of services to find the right package for your project, If something you're looking for isn't listed contact me for a quote.


Hook Vocals
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Get vocals for a hook that is already fully written for commercial release (radio, album, mixtape, single, etc). 

Custom Hooks
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Get a custom hook written to a track you provide for commercial release (mixtape, single, album, radio etc). 

Demo Vocals
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Get vocals on a song that you have already fully written. 



Futuristic Candy

Introducing "Futuristic Candy" the new vocal sample kit by singer/ songwriter Breana Marin and indie pop looping artist TRISHES. Inside the kit you will find themed packs with over 90 samples merge pop elements, eccentric effects, arabic influences and urban sound.These unique phrases, one shots, loops, sounds and background vocals can make any project stand out